(iOS / Android)
brain challenge

What is this game ?

Challenge the ultimate of mental arithmetic game available for android and iOS

Simply swipe the screen to the right when the calculation is true and to the left when the calculation is false.
Watch out time is limited ! A simple and effective gameplay. FLOPR is like the tinder of mathematics !

Three levels of difficulty are available :

- Baby: for the little ones. Simple calculations and a very progressive difficulty. My 6 years old son loves it!
- Normal: for the older ones. This level will gradually put your neurons to the edge. A daily practice could help significantly improve your brain performances in mental arithmetic
- "Badass", the mythical level ... do not look elsewhere, it is stronger than you !

Practice and challenge your friends and family to know who is the best and the fastest brain

The game does not require any wifi connection or internet access to operate.

Play FLOPR now, wherever you are, whenever you want, it'll drive you crazy !
Jump the right pace

What is this game ?

Arcade! Tomato is a cool free arcade game available for android
Move fast, think smart, find the fastest path and blow out 50 addictives levels of pure action packed arcade game.
In this adventure, your mission is simple : help Tomato Hero to collect as fast as possible purple and yellow fruballs (fruits balls shaped) on multiples moving platform.
Watch out ! avoid red pinned mines (aka bloody oranges) and left/right edges filled with vicious spikes, they will blow you up and turns you into a very crushed tomato, soooo ketchuped ! Jump on bonus they may helps you to complete your level.
Gameplay is simple : just tap the screen the right pace to make Tomato Hero jump from a moving platform to another. Once Tomato Hero reach the top, it goes down and so on.
Step right now into this free and fun arcade game packed with colorfull graphics, music and a so easy to use frogger like gameplay
Suitable for kids, family and friends, start to challenge now !
An addicted fun and free arcade game
Play anywhere at anytime without wifi
Challenge your memory !

What is this game ?

Sutafrenzy is a free to play and fun short term memory game available for android. Your objective is to remind a growing sequence of numbers.
Memorize sequence and repeat it the same order until your memory allows it or until you make a mistake.

Get it now on the play store !

How to play ?

First watch, then repeat sequence as fast as you can to get the all the points you deserve, to get to the next level up and make the best score ever !
Share your best scores with your friends and challenge their memory, will you do the longest numbers sequence ?
Watch out ! as time is limited keep an eye on bonus to grab while touching pads. Bonus allow you to multiply your score, get extra-lifes and joker replay.

What are u waiting for !

SutaFrenzy is simple and entertaining game and its totally free !

Enjoy it's lively color and its sweet music right now !